Project Description

The DOCS project was with the University of Miami Medical School and I provided help with UX design along with Lien Tran, a University of Miami School of Communications professor. My main project contributions were creating and iterating wireframes for the desktop website and create user scenarios to help the DOCS team further understand the flow of the website.

"Everybody benefits through a DOCS program, which serves as an opportunity for students and institutions to provide necessary healthcare to underserved patients in local communities." - DOCS

Some shots of the wireframes can be seen below, and they are also interactive and can be viewed here. Feel free to view the progress of the project over github at KMK73/DOCS-wireframes. The fully developed website is also live and was developed mainly by Lien Tran and other members of the University of Miami staff. Don't miss the interactive wireframe!

Project Details

  • Skills Needed:

    UX Design

  • Categories:

    Web Development

  • Project Date:

    November 20, 2018