The Daily Grind – Depression Awareness Game

The Daily Grind

Depression and mental health are fairly common illnesses that have been stigmatized in American society. Almost 20% of the public considers depression a sign of personal weakness and 23% would be embarrassed to tell others if a family member were diagnosed with depression (NAMI). This stigma has made it especially difficult for young adults to speak openly about depression and get help. Organizations such like NAMI, NIMH, and Bring Change to Mind have paved the way to educate the public and young people about depression in hopes of reducing stigma and increasing awareness. At least 350 million people live with depression, and it is the leading cause of disability worldwide; 50% of the people suffering from depression do not seek medical help (World Health Organization). Unfortunately, I have had friends lose their lives because of mental illness and suicide so I hope that Daily Grind can possibly prevent these losses in the future.

A solution to this problem is an interactive game for high school classes that allows students to learn symptoms of depression by simulating the effects depression has on a person’s daily life. Daily Grind educates players about the symptoms people with depression experience, possible treatments of those symptoms, and how those symptoms can affect their productiveness. The goal of Daily Grind is to create a meaningful game used as a classroom exercise that after words will facilitate meaningful conversion about depression.