Processing Hype

Here is a quick processing sketch using some random design assets and the Hype library.   Another quick sketch converted into video for animation. MOVE FAST LIFT HEAVY! A poster version UM vs. PSU! Backgrounds are created using Hype Processing and text added through Illustrator.

Depression Game: The Daily Grind Pt. 2

Game Prototyping: Playtesting Cards After lots of prototyping with just playing cards for my Depression based game (now called The Daily Grind), I found that players had a tough time understanding the main goals of the game with just regular playing cards. At that point I had to implement designed game cards with text and descriptions that went along with depression facts and symptoms. The cards (shown below) made a

Depression Awareness Game: Concept & Prototyping

What is the purpose of the game? This game is meant to be a starting point for young adults to create a dialogue about depression and reduce the stigma that goes along with it. “Almost 20 percent of the public consider the illness a sign of personal weakness and 23 percent would be embarrassed to tell others if a family member were diagnosed with depression (National Alliance of Mental Illness).”